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I have been a friend and mentor to Pradeep and his wife since shortly after their arrival in Canada. I admire the enthusiasm and the commitment that they made to their new country. Pradeep demonstrated an ability to balance work, home life and going to school while completing his CGA designation. Since starting his own firm, he has shown strong commitment to serving his clients while maintaining his friendships and being a good father and husband. We enjoy our time with Pradeep because he is able to laugh at himself and laugh with us.

— Jill Leversage FCA,CBV, Managing Director, Highland West Capital  

Prad Bholah is a pleasure to work with on any tax and/or accounting matters. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and thorough, always quick to respond, and has an excellent manner in dealing with people. Having been very disillusioned by my previous accountant, I am completely happy to recommend Prad to anyone I come across who needs his kind of services. I also admire his devotion to his family. He is not only a good accountant but also an extremely nice, decent and trustworthy man, who I now also consider to be a friend.

— Margaret Rodgers, White Rock,

I have been very satisfied with the PLB tax, accounting and advice services that Prad has provided for our property business and personal taxes. Prad has setup our accounts from the beginning and has provided guidance with the implementation of procedures for managing the business’s tax obligations and general business compliance. During the time he has worked with the family he has conducted himself in a professional manner and been very attentive to the needs of the us all. We regard him as a highly trusted adviser.

 — John Mather, London, UK

Prad not only provides professional accounting services, but strong financial advice for this members, who may lack knowledge in these areas. The Education component of his delivery is what sets him far apart from any other Accountant, and his concern for their financial well-being is true and genuine. Something that all accountants should exemplify….but don't.

 — Chris Theeparajah, Commercial account Manager, Envision Financial

Prad is a smart and professional accountant. I found him online when I got audited by CRA in 2011. He saved me lots of time, money and effort. He became my family accountant since then. I highly recommend him to everyone!

— Mandy Pau, Business Owner, Vancouver

Hello, my name is Manjinder Singh Suri and I have lived in British Columbia for the past 30 years. When I had first arrived in Canada it was a much different climate then it is today and I had to work for someone for about two and a half years in order to make ends meet. And then, I opened my own furniture factory which manufactured furniture. And 30 years later, I am still in the same business but I have left the manufacturing aspect and followed my dream of opening a showroom and serving the community.

In the past 30 years I have had to work with many accountants which worked vigorously for my company but their results were always just satisfactory. However, I have had the great pleasure of working with Mr. Pradeep Bholah since 2010 and in our first meeting Mr. Pradeep had impressed me greatly with his logic and education.

 He further guided me while filling out my family's personal income tax papers and proved to be very beneficial. His work ethic and morals are unparalleled and in my past 30 years of experience I have never had an Accountant who was so careful, considerate and efficient while filling out forums and papers. His ability to communicate his message and make his point clear is extremely noteworthy and over the past few years our families have become very close and he is just not my accountant anymore but a very dear friend.

— Manjinder Singh Suri , Business Owner, Vancouver

My experience with Prad Bholah over the years has been excellent. He has probed, when filing my taxes, to make sure I am taking all deductions I am entitled to in order to minimize my taxes, without having to tread into the dangerous gray areas that can be so stressful in case of an audit. He has also been instrumental in dealing with inquiries from CRA. I recommend Prad Bholah unreservedly!

 — George Pedersson, Investment Advisor Dundeewealth

I have known Prad since 2010 on professional basis. During that year I started my business and I wanted to find out from him the benefit parents have with their kid’s post secondary Education tuition. Then he asked me if it could be possible for him to have a look at my previous tax returns (ie 2009 Assessment). When I showed him the papers then he requested to bring all my assessment for the past 3 years. It came to light that for the past 3 years I have not being claiming my kids benefit from the government for the past 3 years. In 2010 Prad was able to claim for me and my family enough money to buy a brand new Honda Civic! 

 —  Dr. Fred Otchere, Business Owner, FISINA Scientific Inc

I was referred to Prad in early 2013 through one of my friends who is one of his clients. I was looking to switch my accountant to someone who can help me go through restructuring of the financial future of my dental business. From our first meeting I knew that I had found the right person, whose knowledge of various accounting issues was exemplary. We have worked together religiously and now I feel less stressed and can finally have a well structured plan for my business future. I have already recommended Prad to a few of my colleagues and it is my privilege to call him my friend, too. 

 — Dr. Cyrus Aliakbari, Dentist

Prad has always provided me with a real personal and professional service. As a business owner myself he has always answered my tax related questions in a easy, meaningful way which allows me to understand and plan my taxes for the following year. I would highly recommend his company to anyone who is looking for an accountant to handle their business or personal tax needs. 

 — Bernie Baker, Owner of Tropicool Refrigeration, Surrey

I am very thankful to have Prad to help me file my taxes.  He is indeed very patient, timely, and detailed-oriented.  Not only "Tax & Accounting"  is his area of expertise, he is also great in educating me of what I need to know about my finances.  I would not hesitate in recommending him to any of my colleagues.

  — Sylvia Mui, Pharmacist, Richmond